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No spam, Would your mother be happy knowing you did that for a living.

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Bit of fun is a humor forum but not every one likes the same type of humor. By staying out of the areas you don’t like you will feel better and have fewer cavities. Because of the nature of the forum posts rarely stay on topic and should always be taken with a healthy measure of skepticism.

Bit of Fun has been described as organized anarchy. Fair enough, please do what you can to keep anarchy organized by posting in the correct category. For example post posts with funny signs under the funny signs category, one-liners under one-liners, funny news articles under news and so on.

Bit of fun has a nudity section. It is in it’s own area so people can visit or avoid it as they see fit. If it’s naked and funny, falls under erotica, or has nudity of any kind it goes there. Please note; We do not allow porn postings. If you are unsure of the difference between nudity and porn please ask a parent before you post. Note that this will not relieve you of the must be over 18 to register rule.

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