Revenge is sweet like shellfish

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Revenge is sweet like shellfish

Postby Angie G » 25 Oct 04, 5:52 pm

A man got his own back on a crayfish which gripped his penis with its pincers by cooking and eating the shellfish. The 23-year-old Serb had fallen asleep in a shallow pool of water after swimming in a stream near the town of Bar. But he told Serbian newspaper Glas Javnosi that he woke up in pain and looked down to find a large crayfish - a relative of the lobster - had clasped its pincers around his member.

A passing hiker who heard the young man's cries for help alerted rescue services who managed to force the shellfish to loosen its grip without damaging his penis. A paramedic said: "The man was lucky as the crayfish could quite easily have caused some damage to the nerves in his penis."

Instead of throwing the crustacean back into the river, the man, who wished to remain anonymous, said he decided to enact his revenge by serving it up for dinner.
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