Pine-Flavored Gum Helps Deer Hunters Hide

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Pine-Flavored Gum Helps Deer Hunters Hide

Postby Angie G » 27 Oct 04, 8:37 am

ANTIGO, Wis. -- Do you have smelly human breath? It's no joke to deer hunters.

Wearing camouflage is often not enough because human smells can chase away deer.

Now, Neil Bretl says he has the answer to revealing human breath -- it's Gum-o-Flage. The Chiclet-style tablets have a pine taste and fragrance.

Bretl said he came up the formula with the help an organic chemist friend and his brother, who were in dental school at the time.

Bretl admits his first attempts were hideous. But he says he has already sold 25,000 packs of the final product -- at about $5 each.

Bretl claims Gum-o-Flage can mask odors of such human activities as smoking, beer drinking and even eating onions.
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