woman accused of cutting off her boyfriend's penis

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woman accused of cutting off her boyfriend's penis

Postby Angie G » 01 Nov 04, 7:36 pm

HOUSTON (AP) -- A woman accused of cutting off her boyfriend's penis with a kitchen knife while he was sleeping was being sought by police Saturday, sheriff's detectives said. The severed organ has not been found since the attack Thursday morning at the woman's home.

The 33-year-old victim is in Ben Taub General Hospital and is expected to survive. The 45-year-old woman told detectives she cut the man because he had been unfaithful and had physically abused her. Eighty percent of his penis was severed, detectives said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Department declined to release the couple's names Saturday because the woman has not been charged.

Detectives said the man was on probation for assaulting the woman last year and found a court order prohibiting him from going near her. He was not abusing her when the attack occurred, said sheriff's Lt. Ruben Diaz.

Despite the court order, the woman invited him to her home Thursday, Diaz said. The man works a night shift, and after he arrived, went to bed.

Later in the morning, the victim was awakened by a sharp pain. "He sees the bed full of blood, he immediately looks down and knows what's going on," Diaz said. "She's standing in the room. She's still there, staring at him."

The woman's sister and 22-year-old daughter heard the man's screams and drove him to a hospital. The woman with the knife refused to help them, Diaz said.

The woman later spoke with detectives after her daughter reached her on a cellular phone. She refused to return to the house, Diaz said.

The couple had lived together in the United States for about four years, but are not believed to be legally married, Diaz said. Detectives say she still is married to another man in her homeland of El Salvador. They said she may be headed there.
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Postby pepsi » 01 Nov 04, 7:47 pm

There seems to be a hell of a lot of men out there having problems with their penises :lol:
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Postby Don't Blink » 01 Nov 04, 8:35 pm

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Postby Wytch » 02 Nov 04, 3:41 am

Too easy just to stay away from him?

Can't see myself hacking away at some dude's bits.. no matter how much he pissed me off.
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Postby casuk » 02 Nov 04, 6:17 am

thats comforting to know wytch
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Postby Angie G » 03 Nov 04, 9:38 am

I think most sane people wouldn't do that --- but who said I was sane :twisted:

j/k guys - hey why are you running away?
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