'Sex-Change' Treatment for 13-Year-Old

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'Sex-Change' Treatment for 13-Year-Old

Postby Angie G » 03 Nov 04, 11:58 pm

Critics Slam Decision to Approve 'Sex-Change' Treatment for 13-Year-Old

Pacific Rim Bureau (CNSNews.com) - An Australian court has given the go-ahead for a 13-year-old girl who wants to be a boy to begin a "sex change" process, prompting strong criticism and calls for government intervention.

A psychiatrist who works in the field expressed concern that gullible youngsters were being misinformed about exactly what could be achieved by medical intervention, while ethicists argued that the child's condition was mental, not biological.

The girl, known only as "Alex," will be allowed to begin taking hormones - initially estrogen and progestogen to suppress menstruation and the feminization of her young body and, at the age of around 16, testosterone to begin the masculinization process.

The testosterone will "have certain irreversible effects such as the deepening of Alex's voice, the promotion of facial and body hair, muscular development and enlargement of the clitoris," according to the summary ruling of Family Court judge Alastair Nicholson.

Once she turns 18 she will be able to have surgery to make changes to her sexual and reproductive organs.

Nicholson, who referred to the girl in his judgment as "he," heard testimony that painted a picture of a girl who regarded herself as a boy from a young age, preferring activities usually enjoyed by boys.

Alex lives with an aunt, and a government welfare department is her guardian, which brought the case on her behalf.

The court heard that her father, with whom she was very close and who treated her as if she was a boy, died when she was five. The court was unable to contact her estranged mother, whose whereabouts are unknown.

With onset of puberty, Alex began to develop suicidal tendencies, which the judge said was "due to his body not matching his male gender identity."

Nicholson said he was satisfied Alex was aware of the physical consequences of the treatment and possible side effects.

"The social implications of the proposed treatment are that Alex will face challenges in his chosen identity in respect of peer relationships, possible bullying and ostracism, but I am satisfied that impressive steps have been taken to anticipate such risks."

Nicholson said if the treatment was not allowed, there was concern that Alex would "revert to unhappiness, behavioral difficulties at home and self-harming behavior."

He also ruled that Alex could change her name on her birth certificate to a boy's name now, and would not have to wait until having surgery to do so - a requirement in some Australian states.

The court ruling has caused a stir.

While transgender campaign groups and some medical bodies approved, leading Australian ethicist Nicholas Tonti-Filippini called the decision "irresponsible" and said medical treatment was being used to treat a mental condition.

He called on the attorney general to review the case and take it to a higher court.

Christian ethical action group Salt Shakers called for a federal government inquiry into "gender reassignment" procedures.

The group argued that there was no way to turn a woman into a man or vice versa successfully.

"Alex will never have a fully functioning penis, never produce sperm or be able to father a child, and if Alex changes her mind again they will never be able to turn her back into the woman she really is," it said.

"She would have to have breast implants and be given an 'artificial' vagina. She will never be able to produce a child or feel a complete woman."
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Postby pepsi » 04 Nov 04, 10:05 am

She's just a poor mixed up kid who probably misses her dad. WTF do the courts know?
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Postby Angie G » 04 Nov 04, 5:15 pm

Needs help - I sure don't know the answer
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