Teenage MP says heroin is harmless

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Teenage MP says heroin is harmless

Postby Angie G » 04 Nov 04, 12:29 am

A teenage German MP has encouraged drug taking and says that even heroin is harmless.

Julia Bonk, 18, Germany's youngest ever elected politician, stood on a non-party platform in parliamentary elections in Saxony last month.

She says she takes drugs herself and claims that heroin is not addictive so long as it is pure.

Miss Bonk told Bild newspaper: "It's true, I have taken drugs. Cannabis is totally healthy, and doesn't make you addicted.

"But even heroin taken in a pure form is not addictive. It's only addictive when you mix it."

Julia, a member of the left-wing Party of Democratic Socialism, has not gained much support from her political colleagues.

PDS boss Peter Porsch said: "These comments have stepped over the mark. I will be speaking to her and make it clear what we feel about drugs."

Julia, from Dresden, turns up for political meetings in low cut T-shirts and has been named the "sexy Saxon" by the German media.

She said: "They want to keep me in the background and use me as a pretty face - but I want to change things and won't take a back seat."
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