Canadians elect to marry disgruntled Americans

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Canadians elect to marry disgruntled Americans

Postby Angie G » 06 Nov 04, 12:00 am

Canadians are reaching out to Americans who are unhappy with President George W Bush, with an invitation to emigrate and, in some cases, to marry.

On the American political spectrum, the vast majority of Canadians would be Democrats, or even further to the left.

Just before the election a number of American celebrities joked about moving to Canada if Mr Bush was victorious.

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin says they would be welcome.

However, he says they would not qualify as refugees.

In a bid to help out their like-minded neighbours, a Canadian web site is asking Canadians to marry someone from south of the border.

"Open your heart, and your home. Marry an American," jests the site, set up by a Toronto humour magazine.

"Legions of Canadians have already pledged to sacrifice their singlehood to save our southern neighbours from four more years of cowboy conservatism."

Hundreds of Canadians already have signed up, ready to do their part for the cause.

To convince Americans to come on up, the site mentions that compared to the United States, Canada is a liberal utopia with universal health care and in some provinces, gay marriage.

"We envision a movement where everyone wins: Freedom of expression and a politically convenient marriage with love and igloos for all," it said. ... 235442.htm
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