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A Robot Pizza-Making Company Latest Obsession

PostPosted: 08 Oct 17, 12:38 pm
by Don't Blink
Combine the robotic pizza chef with a driverless truck, and you get a door-to-door pizza delivery service with no humans involved whatsoever.

The company's robot, named Doughbot, is now being deployed on Zume’s “robot-enabled pizza assembly line,” where it does the job of pressing dough up to five times faster than even the most seasoned pizza spinning pros.

Zume, to be sure, is not alone in its quest to "dis-intermediate" humans from the fast food experience. For instance, Eatsa — which now has a number of locations in California — has made headlines in the past for letting you order healthy and low-cost quinoa-based bowls without interacting with a single human. These types of companies combine the on-demand ambitions of startups like DoorDash, Munchery, and Postmates with a kitchen technology twist, all with the aim of avoiding the typically heavy costs associated with food production and logistics. To achieve that, Zume recently hired Susan Alban, who led the launch Uber’s food delivery arm UberEats, as its new vice president of operations.