Trump used to be a Democrat

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Trump used to be a Democrat

Postby Jack Flash » 10 Feb 16, 11:09 am

Here is an image on the Clinton s and Trumps together

This is a persistent rumor that Trump initially got into the presidential race to disrupt the Republican field, but two things happened to change the plan. The first being Bernie Sanders who has a chance to get the nomination on the Democratic side. The second being trumps ego. Given that he may actually have a chance to win he has now decided to change the game and go for the presidential nomination himself.

Of course those are just speculation and should be treated as such.
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Re: Trump used to be a Democrat

Postby mugley » 10 Feb 16, 1:04 pm

the red herring theory makes sense to me, when you look at some of things he says and does it really looks like he is trying to lose the election instead of winning it
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Re: Trump used to be a Democrat

Postby Don't Blink » 10 Feb 16, 6:44 pm

:D drama
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