Nuclear Salt Reactors

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Nuclear Salt Reactors

Postby Jack Flash » 17 Jul 16, 1:07 pm

How Molten Salt Reactors Might Spell a Nuclear Energy Revolution - ... or-424343/

MSRs are walk-away safe. They cannot melt down as can conventional reactors because they are molten by design. An operator cannot even force an MSR to overheat. If for some reason an MSR were to overheat, the heat would melt a freeze-plug at the bottom of the reactor vessel and the liquid fuel salts would drain into the emergency cooling tanks where it would cool and solidify. No operator interaction nor even emergency backup power is needed for this to happen.

Not only do MSRs not have a long term waste issue, they can be used to dispose of current stockpiles of nuclear waste by using those stockpiles as fuel. Even stockpiles of plutonium can be disposed of this way. In fact, conventional reactors typically use only 3-to-5% of the available energy in their fuel rods before the fuel rods must be replaced because of cracking. MSRs can use up most of the rest of the available fuel in these rods to make electricity.

World's First NUCLEAR SALT REACTOR - Documentary Films

A liquefied salt activator (MSR) is a class of nuclear fission activators where the primary coolant, or also the energy itself, is a liquefied salt mix. MSRs perform at higher temperature levels than water-cooled reactors for greater thermodynamic savings, while staying at low vapor tension.

In many designs the nuclear energy is dissolved in the molten fluoride salt coolant as uranium tetra-fluoride (UF4). Solid energy designs rely on ceramic energy dispersed in a graphite matrix, regarding the molten salt providing low stress, high temperature level air conditioning.

The early Aircraft Reactor Experiment (1954) was primarily motivated by the tiny dimension that the style might offer, while the Molten-Salt Reactor Experiment (1965-- 1969) was a prototype for a thorium gas cycle breeder activator nuclear power plant. Among the Generation IV reactor designs is a molten-salt-cooled, molten-salt-fueled reactor; the initial reference design is 1000 MWe.
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