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Postby Jack Flash » 05 Jun 16, 11:11 am

"The reason why there's so much bullshit I think is that people just talk. If they don't talk they don't get paid. The advertiser wants to gain sales, the politician wants to get gain votes. Now, that's ok, but they have to talk about things that they don't really know much about. So since they don't have anything really valid to say, they just say whatever they think will interest the audience, make it appear that they know what they're talking about - and what comes out is bullshit."

"The danger is that there will be a loss of concern for the truth, and that I believe is an insidious assault on the fundamental principles of society."
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Re: Bullshit

Postby cerina » 05 Jun 16, 1:31 pm

I've always said that ... especially about sports commentators.
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