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Postby mugley » 04 Jan 17, 2:39 am

IF YOU think you are not being analysed while browsing websites, it could be time to reconsider.
A creepy new website called clickclickclick has been developed to demonstrate how our online behaviour is continuously measured.
Dutch media company VPRO and Amsterdam based interactive design company Studio Moniker are the masterminds behind the site, which observes and comments on your behaviour in great detail.
The website — which is not harmful to your computer — contains nothing but a white screen and a large green button.
From the minute you visit the website, it begins detailing your actions on the screen in real-time.
The site also encourages users to turn on their audio, which offers the even more disturbing experience of having an English voice comment about your behaviour.
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Re: clickclickclick

Postby Don't Blink » 04 Jan 17, 3:10 am

Ha with my 'enhancements' got the comments "Anonymity boring as hell"
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