We Can't Say Anything Anymore

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We Can't Say Anything Anymore

Postby Jack Flash » 28 Mar 17, 11:47 am

We can't say anything anymore. Bringing up the subject of over population causes people on the left to hurl accusations of encouraging eugenocide and causes people on the right to hurl accusations of being a murderer of unborn babies.

And overpopulation is but one example, others such as climate change, healthcare, education, automation, and prison population elicit a similar response. The point is we don't discuss things any more. We as a country need to discuss things to form a consensus. People, both liberal and conservative, just listen to what ever channel parodies back and reinforces their preconceived notions.

Personally I'd rather have someone to disagree with, than hear my own thoughts repeated back to me.
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Re: We Can't Say Anything Anymore

Postby mugley » 28 Mar 17, 1:51 pm

he's right, its gotten out of hand Senator Schumaker chased a woman out of a restaurant in NYC last night because he knew she voted for Trump

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/03 ... -says.html
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