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She's a devil sometimes..

PostPosted: 11 Mar 05, 10:50 pm
by Wytch
Wytch Jnr.. proof positive that she's a wee devil sometimes. Sometimes an angel.

PostPosted: 12 Mar 05, 1:59 am
by Dixie
Cute, does she take after mommy or daddy?

PostPosted: 13 Mar 05, 8:00 pm
by Sting
She is a cutie. Good luck keeping the boys away from the door. ;)

PostPosted: 13 Mar 05, 8:22 pm
by Wytch
Dixie wrote:Cute, does she take after mommy or daddy?

In temprament.. Mummy.. she's a blend of our looks *nods*.

PostPosted: 15 Mar 05, 1:07 pm
by Big Momma
What a pretty little girl


PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 9:00 am
by tiger~lilly
Post pictures of your kids!

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 9:15 am
by Dixie
I don't have any kids yet but those are cute kids and kids can do some funny stuff

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 10:29 am
by tiger~lilly
It's the same kid, I just didn't know which one to post!

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 10:32 am
by Dixie
my bad, I wasn't sure, guess I should have looked at the pic titles - cute kid

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 10:34 am
by tiger~lilly

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 10:36 am
by Dixie
I'm a twin so I can imagine my parents got the reverse unless we were both in the pic

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 10:47 am
by Sting
Cute daughter tiger_lilly, bet she looks like her mom.

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 10:48 am
by tiger~lilly
No, she looks more like her dad, which isn't fair!!!

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 10:51 am
by Sting
Do you have a picture of him?

PostPosted: 15 Apr 05, 12:58 pm
by Blondie
:D pretty girl

PostPosted: 25 Apr 05, 11:50 am
by wewe008
I love kids,But I'm not married,
In China, an unmarried guy having a baby is so weird.

PostPosted: 25 Apr 05, 9:57 pm
by tiger~lilly
I'm not married either, but I have a beautiful baby girl and i had her picture on here, but it dissapeared!

PostPosted: 26 Apr 05, 5:17 am
by telboy
Thats sooo sad .... better post them again so we can see ....

PostPosted: 26 Apr 05, 10:58 am
by Sting
I wondered why they dissapeared?

PostPosted: 26 Apr 05, 8:30 pm
by tiger~lilly
Ok, here she is again!!!

PostPosted: 26 Apr 05, 8:51 pm
by admin
As best I can tell at this time tiger_lilly's images were the only ones that disappeared. This happened at about the same time I deleted her thread as requested. But other than that it's still a mystery

PostPosted: 27 Apr 05, 3:28 am
by telboy
Hey admin ... how could you post your monkey face on the same page as that cute liddle cuchee cooo baby ... :D

PostPosted: 27 Apr 05, 7:44 am
by tiger~lilly
Hey Telboy, baby's are not a mistake! They are a gift, I wouldn't call my baby a mistake any day!!!! Anyway, she is the best thing that ever happened to me, I used to be a big time party animal and she made me realize that there was more to life than partying everyday!!!

PostPosted: 27 Apr 05, 8:24 am
by wewe008
tiger~lilly wrote:Ok, here she is again!!!

wawa~~~~~She's so so so cute,Look at her big eyes~
Can't help kissing her :)