Hello !!

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Hello !!

Postby -Jenna Flare- » 16 Feb 12, 3:49 pm

:hiding: Ok seriously HI lol not really shy but love being coy...........ish..... ok well thats not true either lol I am rather blunt when need to be ... All around good personality so should fit right in :)

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-Jenna Flare-
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Re: Hello !!

Postby Jack Flash » 16 Feb 12, 5:13 pm

:wave: welcome

Come on in and share some humor with us
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Re: Hello !!

Postby Laney » 16 Feb 12, 11:28 pm

welcome1 welcome1
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Re: Hello !!

Postby mugley » 17 Feb 12, 12:55 am

welcome1 come on in, take yer shoes off, set a spell
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Re: Hello !!

Postby cerina » 17 Feb 12, 3:23 pm

Welcome, Jenna. No need to be shy here ... you're among friends now. :hug:
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Re: Hello !!

Postby mr wiseguy » 20 Feb 12, 3:36 pm

welcome,jenna,its not the jenna i know from a few yrs ago is it :wave:
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