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Hello There!

Postby vessel » 03 Apr 16, 2:10 pm

Hi there, everyone! I joined this forum looking for some fun, because, usually, I'm bored. (Don't worry, I do have a life, but I'm insecure most of the time...)
Just to tell you some things about myself- I love the band Twenty Øne Piløts mostly because Tyler Joesph is my cousin, but also because, they, like make the best music... :thumb:
I hope to get to know you guys and to see you around.

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Re: Hello There!

Postby 420onthedot » 03 Apr 16, 7:17 pm

Hey and Welcome to Bit of Fun :beer:
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Re: Hello There!

Postby cerina » 04 Apr 16, 12:52 pm

Hi, and welcome to the best fun site on the interwebs! welcome1 :hug:
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Re: Hello There!

Postby Angie G » 04 Apr 16, 9:27 pm

:wave: Hi Welcome to the forum
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