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For Admin

PostPosted: 30 Dec 05, 10:20 pm
by tiger~lilly

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 7:33 am
by ckretmsage
haha.. I found this and thought of Admin!!!!!!

No wonder no one wants to kiss Admin!


PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 8:26 am
by ckretmsage
One more.. teehee

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 10:48 am
by Khaizerex
:lol: :lol:

Those are funny! Though you'd probably receive a finger from admin as your New Year's present. :lol:

Of course that was at ckretmsage,

And TL, you'd probably get something much nicer. :)

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 11:30 am
by tiger~lilly
I would hope I would get something much nicer than ckretmsage, those ones were just, ummm, what's the word I'm looking for, someone help me out!~ :lol:

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 11:35 am
by Khaizerex
"Pejorative" is perhaps the word you're looking for there...

Absolutely perjorative to our all knowing and wise Head Monkey. :D

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 11:40 am
by tiger~lilly
Ok, so what does that mean? :oops: I don't feel like looking it up right now!~ :lol:

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 11:41 am
by Khaizerex
Just simply insulting, and not approving of.

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 11:42 am
by tiger~lilly

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 11:42 am
by Khaizerex
You're very welcome. :)

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 4:18 pm
by Don't Blink

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 5:18 pm
by Sting
The admin looked so cute when he was a youngster. :mrgreen:

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 5:26 pm
by admin
Thank you TL don't know how you found my baby photos.

ckretmsg I reset your pouter so that the only thing you can access is the Pat Robertson network :razz:

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 5:28 pm
by ckretmsage
AHHHHHH NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be good, I promise!

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 5:30 pm
by Sting
That would be torture.

PostPosted: 31 Dec 05, 11:12 pm
by Maxie
ohhhhhh just saw what the monkey in the cage was doing Image ImageImage Image

Nice pic by the way look great Sir ... :lol:

Admin's old Trick

PostPosted: 26 Jan 06, 4:54 pm
by mid_nite_poet
Looks like Admin is up to his old tricks again... :lol:

PostPosted: 26 Jan 06, 5:06 pm
by Dirtzinert
OK MNP...since you seem to know him so well.......which one is he? :lol:

PostPosted: 26 Jan 06, 5:25 pm
by mid_nite_poet
If I tell you, will you keep it a secret..he is the first one

PostPosted: 26 Jan 06, 5:46 pm
by admin
What else do I have to do all day?

The Newesr American Idol

PostPosted: 17 Feb 06, 9:32 am
by mid_nite_poet
Lets give it up for Admin.... :dance: :clap:
Often wondered what he did in his spare time :D

Admin on his day off

PostPosted: 28 Apr 06, 12:16 am
by tiger~lilly
:razz:  So cute!

PostPosted: 28 Apr 06, 8:14 am
by Dirtzinert
Now we know why he never forgets his day off!

PostPosted: 28 Apr 06, 9:22 am
by cerina
You mean to tell me that, on his day off, Admin changes from a chimp into an orang utan. Wow, that's clever   :D