Pancakes from Scratch

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Pancakes from Scratch

Postby Jack Flash » 14 May 17, 11:13 am

This young husband tells his new wife that his mother always made the best pancakes from scratch.

Trying to please her husband she goes to the grocery story and asks the stock boy where the scratch is. He tells her he doesn't think they sell it and she should try Agrisupply.

So she goes to Agrisupply and asks to buy some scratch. The clerk asks her how much...either the 50 or 100 lb bag.

After thinking she takes the 50 pound bag.

Returning home she can't find any directions on the bag on how to make pancakes.

Saturday she tells her husband that she is still very tired and asks him to make pancakes from scratch.

So... Does anybody want to buy a 50 pound bag of scratch?
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