I'm here because I'm crazy

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I'm here because I'm crazy

Postby Jack Flash » 27 Jul 17, 11:22 am

After realizing his tire went flat, a driver pulls off the road in front of the Home for the Hapless.

He gets out the spare tire and tools and begins to dismount the flat tire.

He removes all the lug nuts and places them in the hubcap so they won't roll away.

As he moves the flat tire out of the way, it hits the hub cap and all the lug nuts go bouncing down the curb into the drain.

"Oh crap what the hell am i gonna do now!?"" He mutters. A home resident who had been watching the entire ordeal from the front porch hollered:

"Hey mister, just take of one lug nut from each of the the three other wheels and you'll have enough to temporarily mount your tire".

Astonished at the practicality and cleverness of the advice the driver asks "Hey, you seem pretty quick, why do they have you at the nut house?"

The resident hollered back "I'm here because I'm crazy, not stupid"
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