Walking in the Woods

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Walking in the Woods

Postby Don't Blink » 05 Dec 17, 9:40 am

Two guys are walking in the woods when a wolf attacks them. They suffer a few bites, but they get patched up and go about their lives.

The next month, on the next full moon, they suddenly change into wolves and run in the woods and kill a deer and do other wolf stuff.

In the morning they wake back up as humans. The first guy starts losing it. “Oh my god!” He shouts. “We are wolves!”

The second guys goes to calm him down. “No, now, we are humans. We werewolves.”
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Re: Walking in the Woods

Postby Romanovich » 15 Dec 17, 12:16 am

It actually made me smile :D
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Re: Walking in the Woods

Postby Jack Flash » 15 Dec 17, 10:15 am

me too :lmao: :lmao:
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