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Helpful Tips

Postby Don't Blink » 20 Dec 17, 11:36 pm

Helpful tips

Tired of boiling water every time you make pasta? Just boil a few gallons at the beginning of the month and freeze it for later

Eggs are really good for you but if you don't like the taste just add Cocoa, butter and flour and bake for 30 minutes

If you sleep until noon you only have to pay for two meals

Smell gas at home? Locate the suspected leak by going room to room lighting a match until you hear an explosion revealing the source of the leak

If your car is making an unsettling noise, just turn the radio volume up until it disappears

When cutting Bagels in half just put your finger through the stabilization hole to keep it steady

If you stir coconut oil into your kale, it makes it easier to scrape into the trash

Having a real shitty day? Just put on some sunglasses, now you're having a shitty evening

Fill a rubber glove with warm water and put it in your hand when you're feeling lonely

If your cell phone screen is too small, just put it in a glass of water and it will magnify the screen 200%

To maximize horsepower on the highway, switch from 5th gear to "R" for racing

Not disabled but really need to park your car? Just put a BMW emblem on your car and use any disabled parking space at any time
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Re: Helpful Tips

Postby mugley » 21 Dec 17, 4:44 am

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