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quick witt

Postby Don't Blink » 29 Dec 17, 8:24 pm

A thief was just arrested for stealing books from our local library. He was caught read-handed.

My wife wanted me to buy a new mirror for our bathroom. I told her I would need some time for reflection first.

My qualifications as a math teacher just don't add up.

My sister met her boyfriend after he backed his car into hers. They met by accident.

It's well known that good archers understand arrow dynamics.

Two horses got married. The other horses threw a bridle shower.

I used to rock climb when I was younger. Back then I was much boulder.

If you drive through Louisiana, you may see swamps going bayou.

Some river valleys are absolutely gorges.

The salesman said that the shoes I just bought were made from alligator, but I knew that was a croc.

I recently attended a Urology conference. All the important doctors sat in the V.I. Pee section.

A teenager told me he couldn't do anything about his acne. I thought that was a pore excuse.

There was a fight at the senior prom. It started when two kids tried to beat each other to the punch.
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