Hey, here's some more funny stuff..

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Hey, here's some more funny stuff..

Postby Don't Blink » 08 Feb 18, 12:15 am

I once took a girl to Starbucks because I forgot her name

I always enjoy saying "do I smell popcorn" right after you fart. so everybody takes a deep breath.

How women clean a toilet: Gloves, comet, scrub brush, bucket.
How men clean the toilet: Piss as hard as you can at the stains

Call me old fashioned but I prefer women with eyebrows made of hair

Multitasking 101: if you sit on the toilet backwards you can eat a bowl of cereal while you crap

A fat girl served me in McDonald's at lunch time. she said, "sorry about the wait." i said "don't worry, you'll find a way to lose it"

'Pizza Hut, can I take your order?'
Me: 'May I speak with the owl, please?
Me: 'Hahaha, that never gets old! Large pepperoni.'

This girl texted me, "Your adorable."
I texted back, "No YOU'RE adorable."
Now she likes me when all I was doing was pointing out her typo
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