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Advice for guys

Postby Dixie » 06 Apr 17, 9:24 am

Women have let men in on a few secrets they think they should know about women.

1. Your fingers make a terrible substitute for a d*ck. Do not use them like one. Use them to massage, not to ram.

2. The sh*t that worked on your ex will not work on all women!!! I had a guy who wouldn't stop awkwardly fingering the backs of my knees. Sure, some women love that, but PAY ATTENTION TO OUR REACTIONS. If you don't, I'll eventually just tell you that I don't like it, but that kills the mood.

3. We need you to make noise too so we can know what you like. Moan or talk, don't care. Give us some direction!

4. No, we don't all like Christian Grey and want to be whipped.

5. Commit to one speed for a while! Don't alternate between 20mph and 100mph every 30 seconds. It's honestly a consistency thing & we tend to build our arousal more easily when the speed is stable for a bit.

6. Me owning and using toys does not reflect on our relationship or sex life. Sometimes solo is just easier/quicker.

7. I think we all have fantasies, and if she claims he has none I think they're probably just so dirty she doesn't think you can handle them.
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8. It's like summoning a genie, not stuffing a chicken.

9. If you find a stray dark hair, know there were SO many more and we ran out of time and are worried about you seeing it.
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Re: Advice for guys

Postby Don't Blink » 06 Apr 17, 8:24 pm

I may need some practice

You available? :mrgreen:
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Re: Advice for guys

Postby mugley » 06 Apr 17, 10:03 pm


advice to women

1. Show up naked

2. bring beer

3. be careful with those teeth
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