Triangles and eyes

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Triangles and eyes

Postby ScornedVixen » 10 Jan 09, 5:09 pm

eye = Inner vision, knowing, understanding, or a connection with Spirit (the "All-Knowing One)

triangle = Caution or yield. Change or transition. A triangle could also be an arrow pointing something out, or pointing to something important

Interesting that both should come up in the dream analyst, I've been seeing triangle shapes in my dreams last night, and eyes as well. I would understand it if I had been watching, reading or see anything to do with Egyptians, but I haven't.

A lot of dreams lately have been pointing to me towards the spiritual evolvement within my inner being, I'm just trying to let things fall into place, however, sometimes I'm just left thinking "what? What is who is trying to tell me?" LMAO!


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