Jay, messenger of the dead..

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Jay, messenger of the dead..

Postby Seawitch » 26 Oct 09, 5:31 pm

Ever had a Warning Dream? Some years ago while I was still going to sea, I was on leave in London, and like any self respecting sailor, I was drinking loads. I mean LOADS! ..Well, something out there must have decided this couldn't go on.
Bear in mind that a Crow in our dreams is the warning of a threat,and a colourful bird is a move..to prosperity, happiness.
A Jay is both, he is also the messenger of the dead!
I was sleeping of another night on the town when I had a dream I'll never forget, I wrote a poem from it that has always been well received. it goes:

Of a Jay I dreamt, flying by, staring vividly at my minds eye,
He's a colourful bird, and a daunting Crow,
Both have their meanings, and both I know.
"It's up to you" he called
"Your fate is your's to choose,
"A future that is bright, or one to drown in booze"!

I got the message. I eased up on the drinking a while and found other things to do. :alc:
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Re: Jay, messenger of the dead..

Postby cerina » 26 Oct 09, 6:36 pm

:clap: :clap: I am so glad you were able to cut back on the drink, Seawitch. You might not have been here to share yourself with us if you hadn't. :hug:
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Re: Jay, messenger of the dead..

Postby ScornedVixen » 06 Nov 09, 1:07 pm

Pretty amazing, I for one am glad you are with us, to think of those talent and skills you have going to waste if you weren't is unimaginable. I'm glad those messengers got through.

Brilliant painting as always.

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