So close to dying.

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So close to dying.

Postby ScornedVixen » 18 Jul 14, 5:54 pm

My heart is racing, twice I have experienced falling from great heights only to wake before hitting the ground. Tonight, odd, strange but vivid and frightening!

I was standing in the door watching water seeping through a sash window, I felt uneasy about this as a lot of water was coming in. I looked beyond the window to see the sea swelling in front of me. I beckon my husband (who is in bed) to come and look. By then it is apparent we are on a ship - with sash windows? Odd. He rushes to put on his trousers. Suddenly we are in front of the window - the window is between decks with stairs from my room and stairs down.

The sea recedes, the ship creeps forward and sliwly swirl around, I realise we are on a cliff/mountain. Before we can do anything the ship veers off the cliff/mountain.

At that point I really felt as if I was falling, you know the feeling when the lift/elevator goes down too quickly and you feel pushed up, I think I may have had an OOB exoerience as I really did feel the effects of falling.

While the ship veered off the cliff/mountain, I saw a village/ houses on my left. Then woke up.

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Re: So close to dying.

Postby mugley » 18 Jul 14, 7:43 pm

wb sooo, I guess it takes a near death experience to get you to come back to us
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