weird things people have found in their parents homes

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weird things people have found in their parents homes

Postby mugley » 08 Mar 17, 10:57 pm

1. Tingling gel under the mattress and a homemade sex tape.

2. A pair of pink, fuzzy handcuffs.

3. Nudie pics of my dad and stepmom…

4. Flat grilled cheese sandwiches under a pillow.

5. At my grandparents house we found a 1960s book called “the female orgasm” hidden in my grandmother’s closet.

6. Pictures of my dad with a family photo portrait that doesn’t include my own family…

7. A bottle of Viagra with my dad’s best friend’s name on it.

8. Dozens of different sized dildo’s and butt plugs in my mom’s closet.

9. A hidden stash of snicker bars in my dad’s office room. He is diabetic.

10. Penis-shaped pasta noodles in the back of our pantry.

11. Their weed stash and collection of porn.

12. A cock carved from wood.

13. Frozen spiders in the freezer.

14. A luggage full of dildos. No joke. Found out a week or two later that my parents were swingers.

15. I found a purple cock ring in my dad’s nightstand.

16. A baggie filled with baby hair and baby teeth from my sister and me.

17. A condom in the bible in my parent’s night stand.
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Re: weird things people have found in their parents homes

Postby Don't Blink » 09 Mar 17, 12:06 am

:lmao: seems normal
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