Wrecks, crashes and funny fender benders


Postby mugley » 06 Apr 09, 11:50 am

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Re: parking

Postby mid_nite_poet » 06 Apr 09, 12:54 pm

At least you wouldn't have to go searching for your car.. let the machine do it :mrgreen:
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Re: parking

Postby Spirit of Desire » 06 Apr 09, 1:43 pm

Now women cant fuck up simple parking.

Actually we all know that one of the females will find a way to make a mess of it one way or another.
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Re: parking

Postby cerina » 18 Apr 09, 11:48 am

I don't know if it is still there, but there used to be a car park like that in London. It is a very effective way of creating maximum parking facilities on a small footprint. :mrgreen:
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