Your reaction to...

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Your reaction to...

Postby messylaura » 12 Dec 12, 8:36 am

simalar to the other follow my leader games, post your reaction to the previous posters scenario then post a new one.

your reaction to... walking down the street and bumping into someone who is dressed the same as you and looks just like you.
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Re: Your reaction to...

Postby Spirit of Desire » 13 Dec 12, 1:40 am

Check for matching tattoos that we both thought were simple birthmarks but were actually a way of cleverly being able to tell we were actually separated at birth and adopted into separate family's and our real father turns out to be Richard Branson. When we contact him he accepts us back into his family with open arms, but being blinded by money my new twin brother kills our father in the night to collect the will but I grass him up to the police and collect all of the money for myself. I then buy an Aston Martin, a jacuzi and a new carpet.

Your reaction to, being woken up at 4 in the morning to the sound of squelchy chewing in the living room.
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