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pill puzzle

PostPosted: 15 Jul 15, 12:33 pm
by mugley
You’re on a drug regimen that requires you to take one pill a day from each of two bottles, A and B. One day you tap one pill into your palm from the A bottle and, inadvertently, two pills from the B bottle. Unfortunately the A and B pills are indistinguishable, and taking more than one B pill per day is fatal. And the pills are very expensive, so you can’t afford to throw out the handful and start over. How can you arrange to take the correct dose without wasting any pills?

Add a second A pill to the group and cut each pill in half:

close dosage

Now, regardless of their identities, if you take one half of each pill you’ll be taking the equivalent of one A pill and one B pill. Tomorrow you can take the remaining halves and then return to the normal regimen.

Re: pill puzzle

PostPosted: 15 Jul 15, 7:05 pm
by Don't Blink
or you could count the pills remaining in the bottles