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Leon Russell

PostPosted: 13 Nov 16, 7:55 pm
by Don't Blink
Musician Leon Russell has died at 74 ... /93763740/

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PostPosted: 14 Nov 16, 7:06 pm
by mugley
:( :(

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PostPosted: 16 Nov 16, 11:16 pm
by mugley ... rs-in-1966

very interesting read

Leon Russell came from Tulsa, Oklahoma, but one of his early endeavors featured two Florida legends — in their first-ever record release. I remember, as a 9-year-old, hearing “Batman And Robin” by the Spotlights on the radio. It reached #12 on WQAM and #13 on WFUN in my hometown of Miami, during the third week of February 1966. What I didn’t know until recently is who the Spotlights were: a group that would soon be known as the Allman Joys, featuring two brothers from Daytona Beach by the name of Gregg and Duane.

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PostPosted: 18 Nov 16, 4:06 pm
by Don't Blink
I did not know that