Careful with downloads

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Careful with downloads

Postby Drew » 21 Jul 13, 5:34 pm

CNET Joins the Dark Side, its Attempts to Fill Your Computer With Crapware - ... -crapware/
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Re: Careful with downloads

Postby breeze » 21 Jul 13, 11:17 pm

Thanks :thumb:
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Re: Careful with downloads

Postby mugley » 22 Jul 13, 5:30 am

damn and I just downloaded CCleaner from there :cussing: chose them to download from because they were reputable :banghead: :banghead:
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Re: Careful with downloads

Postby cerina » 01 Sep 13, 5:20 pm

I always use them for my downloads but it makes sense now. After a recent download, I started getting requests to fill in various surveys when I visited some sites, this one included. It has stopped since I did a couple of scans.
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