Veteran Tributes

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Veteran Tributes

Postby sn00ze » 30 Aug 15, 10:04 pm

The past couple of years I have been making Tribute illustrations for what started for my people I served with but I branched out into some other forums that I was a member and the number of illustrations has grown quite large . I started to put a few on an image host to share but if I do that the size is restricted here to 1024 width so all of these illustrations were intended to be viewed full screen so I thought I would just open my theater link on FB for those that want to look at them. Things are mixed and the bulk of the images will be in about 10 deep , there is over 1200 images but not all are the tributes and then too FB is not smart enough to cull repeats and same photos, there are a lot of doubles I just haven't cleaned them out lately.

open full screen and use the side arrows to thumb thru..... for those not familiar with FB you tick the arrow in the upper right corner of the image that opens and it will take you to full screen theater mode where you use the arrows left and right to move about in the image files ... =3&theater

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Re: Veteran Tributes

Postby Jack Flash » 31 Aug 15, 10:36 am

nice mustang
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