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Postby Ice Queen » 25 Jul 13, 3:21 am

http://www.romea.cz/en/news/czech/surve ... ing-market

"The fourth-worst situation was found in Slovenia (32.8 % discrimination rate against housing seekers from other countries of the former Yugoslavia(those countries are:Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia and Monte Negro) or Latin America). "In Serbia, which had the best results, discrimination against Romani people was not found, but everyday experience there has made it clear that such discrimination does occur, just in the final phases of the whole rental process," EGAM's press release says."

It was also published in a Slovenian news web site. Most Slovenian people's reaction was very defensive and discriminating. I'm sad. But it is very true as I have tasted it more than once while living here. :(
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Re: Discrimination

Postby mugley » 25 Jul 13, 8:47 am

people just don't have any sense, that sucks IQ
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