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Postby Guest » 02 Jan 07, 3:46 am

In the inconversable darkness I tread
with shrill echoes of the past in my head

Inept of speaking the ominous language of silence
isolation is what keeps me occupied rather than assiduous violence

A charismatic fellow had once said
in order to live life, you must fall again and again

That is the risk we take from taking each step ahead
and why we tend to easily relapse into waters we've already tread

Each problem has a solution, each solution its own torment
Loneliness prescribes friends, but they each have their side effects
Insecurity prescribes acceptance, but it is difficult to collect
Hatred prescribes expression, but often it is incorrect
Pain prescribes love, but blindness is its natural reflex

The scars in my dormant heart prescribe healing
but it is impossible to heal scars for the inanimate
Within my wistful tears I search for answers
to abhorrent memories I can never forget

I wish to be reborn
I crave to feel again
I no longer want to exist in a world
I do not comprehend

But I must keep moving on, for someone I haven't met
and the few people that lived for me through pain and regret

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