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By: Bob "Bikerwolf" Bryant

We watched as he listened to the wind

Told us it beckoned his name

His heart as always was still ready

But his body was riddled by pain

His mind drifted as he closed his eyes

His mind reversed cruel time

He saw his hair a little longer

He saw a young lady so fine

He remembered the feel of the cool summer nights

He could feel the winding roads

He tasted the lips of his young lover

He remembered the biker code

He relived the nights underneath the stars

The feeling of brotherhood in the air

He had longed for that feeling again

In the days when there were no cares

He felt a feeling come over his body

As he saw her sweet face once again

The night the angel of death told him

“She’s been waiting for you my friend”

You could hear the thunder in the sky that night

You could feel the wind blow free

You could tell he was riding beside the reaper

His free arm resting on her knee

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