"I Am Not Alone" by Michael Traveler

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"I Am Not Alone" by Michael Traveler

Postby mugley » 29 Oct 17, 5:36 pm

here in the darkness
as the cold closes in
i can see a distant light
cresting the horizon
faint but true
the road behind me
has been long and winding
fraught with danger
and with pleasures too
that have broke many a man
but here i still stand
memories now hold me
close in their embrace
faces and places
i keep tucked away
here in my heart
gentle moments
that keep me warm
here in the dark
on this winding road
and as the darkness
closes in
beneath my clothes
and down into my skin
i think of you
my dear friend
the one who's
always been
so true
so loyal
loving and kind
right beside me
each and every time
shoring me up
giving me strength
even now
in my darkest hour
as the cold seeps
down to the bone
to what remains of my soul
a light flickers
on the horizon
growing stronger
calling me
calling my name
a comforting glow
warming my soul
reaching into the darkness
and letting me know
that i am not alone
~ poem "I Am Not Alone" by Michael Traveler,
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