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At first there's only silence .

PostPosted: 20 Apr 18, 1:47 pm
by mugley
At first
there's only silence
But soon the wind
picks up and
there's an electricity
an excitement of
what's to come hanging
on the air
And like
an orchestra tuning up
a burst of wind strikes
a few pellets of hail
some rain
Then more
and more and more
No longer
Just thunder clouds against
A sleeping sky
Fire rips through the boiling darkness
And the beast roars
Shakes the earth
With a voice that cracks
Wide the slumbering night
No illusion is left untouched
Roofs are torn from
barns and houses
Trees are split in two
Thrown into cars and fences
like they were nothing more
than rag dolls
The beast charges 'cross
the prairie with
a wake of devastation
trailing behind for
as far as the eye can see
And yet
You stand as
the battle rages on
Into the weary hours
of the night
You stand
Undaunted undefeated
Even though the ground rumbles
the walls shake and the sky's ablaze
Even though
The storm pounds on you
from every side
You don't falter
You don't forsake
the faith you hold so dear
deep inside
You summon all your strength
You hold on
The storm passes
And when it's gone
Where it was
Only you remain
~ poem "The Storm" by Michael Traveler, author/poet