Escape ROOM (if you can)

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Re: Escape ROOM (if you can)

Postby Guest » 25 Jul 11, 5:41 pm

i might be an idiot but can never get out these rooms OMG where is the truth im trying, trying..... but nothing happens :banghead:

Re: Escape ROOM (if you can)

Postby cerina » 26 Jul 11, 5:37 pm

I have the same problem so I don't play them any more. :mrgreen:
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Re: Escape ROOM (if you can)

Postby ~PC~ » 27 Jul 11, 5:59 am

Not sure if that first link is still active, but this one has a walkthrough button telling you how to solve it.

Oh, and I solved it too! Figured two of the puzzles all by myself and the walkthrough completed the rest. *pats own back in congratulations*
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Re: Escape ROOM (if you can)

Postby Spirit of Desire » 08 Aug 11, 7:22 pm

Did anybody else manage to do it without a walkthrough??
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