Treasure Box.

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Treasure Box.

Postby fat_bastard » 11 Aug 09, 11:03 am

More interactive art. I love these little games. Great ending too.
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Re: Treasure Box.

Postby mid_nite_poet » 11 Aug 09, 11:46 am

Got 4 of the notes, but now I just have to figure out the rest :banghead: :banghead:
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Re: Treasure Box.

Postby Ice Queen » 26 Aug 09, 5:59 pm

I loved loved loved the ending! Beautiful game!! Thanks FB! :clap: :hug:
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Re: Treasure Box.

Postby Don't Blink » 26 Aug 09, 9:23 pm

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Re: Treasure Box.

Postby Guest » 25 Jul 11, 5:43 pm

i don't get the point if this game...... :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

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