I hope he doesn't mind - two webcomics - warning cursing

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I hope he doesn't mind - two webcomics - warning cursing

Postby ckretmsage » 30 Jan 05, 3:59 pm

Here are two comic strips from a website called youdamnkids.com which is pretty funny in its own right. These are from a second strip the artist has been working on, they made me pee my pants.... ahhh.. I gotta go.. change my pants.
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Postby admin » 30 Jan 05, 8:39 pm

you don't have to warn for cursing if you wish

You can go to any G rated movie these days and hear cursing
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Postby RuinsOfParadise » 06 Feb 05, 4:47 pm

good point, top one is shit yo self funny

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