Is sex addiction a real illness?

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Is sex addiction a real illness?

Postby mr wiseguy » 09 Apr 10, 5:15 am

Addiction clinics in the UK have reported a big rise in the number of people seeking sexual behaviour therapy. Should the addiction be treated seriously? ... llnes.html
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Re: Is sex addiction a real illness?

Postby Ice Queen » 09 Apr 10, 6:48 am

I think it is...I think addiction to anything is not healthy. It stops you from functioning properly in every area of you life not just your social life but professional one too. I hate how some people who cheats to their love ones blame sexual addiction for it (especially the famous stars (idiots) who started that "trend").
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Re: Is sex addiction a real illness?

Postby Jynx » 15 Apr 10, 11:11 pm

In the once or twice occasion that i have partaken in the "devils dance" I can see how the addiction can occur. But its probably more to do with the serotonin release.

either way i cant see it being anymore than chocolate cravings
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Re: Is sex addiction a real illness?

Postby mugley » 16 Apr 10, 7:59 am

I don't know if I'd call it an illness or not, but I can see where ti would be debillitating and a constant distraction, I call it a blessing :mrgreen:
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Re: Is sex addiction a real illness?

Postby Dennisq » 16 Apr 10, 9:53 am

mugley wrote:I don't know if I'd call it an illness or not, but I can see where ti would be debillitating and a constant distraction,

I call it a blessing :mrgreen:

:laughingup: :lmao:
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Re: Is sex addiction a real illness?

Postby nursefeelgood » 18 Apr 10, 4:31 pm

I believe sexual addiction is a real illness and I speak from experience. I was married to someone that I believe is a sex addict. This addiction led to infidelity on his part and he managed to infect our computer with goodness knows what viruses from surfing porn sites. He had a pretty active sex life within the confines of our marriage but still felt the need to order porn on pay-per-view in the middle of the night when my kids could have walked in on him Although he would never admit his has a problem, it was hell being married to him
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Re: Is sex addiction a real illness?

Postby cerina » 19 Apr 10, 9:18 pm

It can be so destructive, Nurse Feelgood, but whether it is a genuine addiction or just a sign of some lack within the individual is, I think, still up for debate. Good to hear you are out of a bad situation. :hug:
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Re: Is sex addiction a real illness?

Postby Khaizerex » 03 Oct 10, 7:53 pm

Like other kinds of addictions, this is a probably just another chronic disease. But it's so incredibly difficult to characterize and properly diagnose that most people just leave it be. But addictions in general are cases where the individuals lack the necessary control to stop these actions. The beginning of addiction is when people think they are doing something in order to achieve a feeling, whether the addicted substance is drugs, alcohol, or sex in this case. But eventually it becomes a habit that these individuals have trouble moving away from. It's difficult to understand how exactly these people think. I don't presume to know how they think, but I think eventually these feelings that are achieved in the beginning of addiction are no longer there. And the individuals are trying their best to maintain some sense of knowing that they are approaching those feelings by following through with whatever actions are necessary to produce those feelings. But it's a way for them to not feel lost. It's like the way that when people start up a new drug that creates lots of side-effects on them. A week or two later, their bodies become acclimated to the drug and the symptoms from the side-effects go away. But at the same time, the effectiveness of the drug becomes questionable--sometimes the drug is no longer effective because the body has also made its own way to get rid of the drug before the drug can wreak havoc on the body, because the body doesn't know that it's there to fight the disease.

Anyway, I think sex addiction is real, but I don't really understand why some people lack any control at all...
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