Should there be a cash incentive for organ donation?

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Should there be a cash incentive for organ donation?

Postby mr wiseguy » 20 Apr 10, 3:16 pm

Cash incentives and the payment of funeral costs are among a range of suggested options to encourage human organ and tissue donation. Is this the right approach?

The Nuffield Council on Bioethics is carrying out a 12 week public consultation to find out if it is ethical to use cash incentives and the payment of funeral costs to increase donations of organs, eggs and sperm.

Demand for organ donors has increased in recent years and now far exceeds supply. Each year 1,000 people in the UK die while waiting for transplants.

Are cash incentives the right approach? Would a cash payment encourage you to donate? Are there other ways to increase the amount of people willing to donate their organs, eggs or sperm? Have you benefitted from organ donation, do you think this is ethical?
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Re: Should there be a cash incentive for organ donation?

Postby Jack Flash » 21 Apr 10, 9:15 am

Once organ donation is monetized some people will be encouraged to prey on others and will have no qualms about killing to get what they want.

On the other hand hospitals certainly profit (at least in the US) and getting people to donate is difficult. In the long run I think Re-Growing Organs is the best solution but it is a way away.
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Re: Should there be a cash incentive for organ donation?

Postby Khaizerex » 03 Oct 10, 8:03 pm

I agree with Jack, I don't think it's a good idea to monetize organ donations. It should be something that comes from someone's free will.

As a thought experiment, here is a scenario:
1) Poor family that cannot afford anything knowing about the money incentive for organ donation.
2) Family consists of 90 yr-old great-grandmother, 60-year old grandmother, 40 year old mother and father of similar age, and a young teenage boy who is addicted to some kind of illicit drug. Family lives in one house/apt because they couldn't afford to live apart.
3) Kid knows about the 90 yr-old great-grandmother being on an organ donation list (let's say hypothetically her organs are all still fully functioning and not degenerate)
4) Kid has to steal money to pay for the drugs that he's using, nobody else in the family knows about the situation and the kind of things the kid does to achieve his "highs".

?) What happens next?

I don't know, is this really some situation we want to think about? Even when we are thinking about it, it might be happening some where. Perhaps more than one location. The only difference is that there is no organ==> money deal with the organs. The great-grandmother is a genuinely nice person who has done everything in her life to help other people.

I say that we shouldn't make monetary incentives for organ donations, even though the world does certainly need more organ donations.
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