Driving age

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Driving age

Postby ScornedVixen » 24 May 13, 4:33 pm

Currently in the UK, you are legally allowed to drive at 17. Considering the ages of the population are creeping up annually, meaning people are reaching ages deemed a marvel back in days of old where the majority wouldn't get past 50. Back in prehistoric times, the oldest bone age found was 23.

Is it reasonable, feasible and justifiable to raise the age allowed to drive?

My reasons are:-

- 17 year olds are shitty spotty 7 year old brats.
- they're maturing later, my 41 year old brother is still behaving like a 14 year old delinquent.
- they're too reckless with a vehicle, which in their hands are lethal weapons.

Your thoughts?

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Re: Driving age

Postby Angie G » 25 May 13, 10:39 am

I think they should make the test a little harder and leave the age where it is

You asked :D
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