Only the Names have Changed

Not all the political jokes are already in office

Only the Names have Changed

Postby Jack Flash » 11 Nov 17, 12:35 pm

Only the names have changed...

You can't even look at the TV these days, without getting scared half to death.
The eyewitness news leaves me used and abused, and I find myself gasping for breath.

There's strikes and inflation, and strife between nations, the worlds a hell of a mess.
No matter who's hurting’, there’s one thing for certain, the whole world will blame the US.

The Russians don't like us, and we don't like them the Israelis hate the Arabs.
Iran and Iraq are on each other's back, and El Salvador's still up for grabs.

I wish they'd take Idi Amin, Ayatollah Khomeini, Muammar Khadafi and all of the rest,
Tie 'em all to a chair, and make 'em stare at Yasser Arafat, til he uglies the whole bunch to death.

There's mass unemployment, and crime in the streets, inflation gets worse every day,
If the commies don’t take us Reganomics will break us we ain’t got a chance either way.

But Americans are rumored to have a good sense of humor we can laugh when we’re put to the test.
If we all stick together there ain’t a storm we can’t weather we’ll ride this one out like the rest.

They're taxing us maximum, and Congress ain't axing 'em, they take most my paycheck away.
Now Social Security has become an obscurity, where the hell's all the money we paid?

Why don't we all just get stoned? get drunk and sing beer-drinking songs.
Between Brezhnev and Begin, Khomeini and Reagan, we might as well all just get stoned.

Written 35 years ago by Mac Davis
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