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Keyboard Shortcuts.
Take the time to learn keyboard shortcuts. These handy little nuggets will save valuable time. Commonly used are Ctrl/S for "Save", Ctrl/C for "Copy", Ctrl/V for "Paste" and Ctrl/F for "Find" (great for searching long web pages). Alt/Tab is another extremely useful shortcut for toggling through open programs. Also, make use of the "Page Up" and "Page Down" keys as well as the arrow keys in long web pages.

Don't Drink or Eat near Keyboard

If you can help it, don't drink or eat near your keyboard. Liquids getting inside your keyboard from a spill can short it out and food particles can also cause problems. Try not to smoke near your computer or have a good airflow near it. Computers intake air and blow it out to stay cool. Tars from the smoke will stick to the parts and can cause premature failure. It's also good to periodically take off the cover and vacuum the accumulated dust from inside. If you don't know how, take it to a professional. But trust me, on the keyboard....I know from experience :mrgreen:
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mid_nite_poet wrote:Don't Drink or Eat near Keyboard

Especially not the public kind. Those have proven to have more bacteria on them then public bathrooms. :puke: - For a Free Generation
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