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Postby fat_bastard » 26 Jun 08, 3:04 pm

Sorry, this is quite a niche link, but it may appeal to anybody interested in game development.
Taking my first tentative steps into game development feels a little like walking into a dark room and being told to find a thousand marbles. I've no idea where to start and if I'm even doing it right. :eek: Thankfully I've found a great website that gives you all of the help and support you could possibly need. From learning the basics to finding colleges and even employment, it's all here! If you're experienced or completely ignorant, there's something for everybody interested in programming. I've not tried the forums yet, but they seem to be quite helpful and friendly. There are also chat rooms and workshops too!
You can even upload your work and get feedback. That also means that for non-programmers you can download new open-source games and tell the developers what you think.
Anyhoo, if you're interested in programming, give it a look. :dance:

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Re: Game Development Community.

Postby npsari » 13 Oct 08, 5:35 pm

I learnt php from scratch
It wasn't easy, but it needs patience
It is much better if you like what you are about to do
That will give you a push
Have a question, pm me, no worries
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