Pancake (crepe) with avacado stuffing

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Pancake (crepe) with avacado stuffing

Postby ScornedVixen » 29 Aug 09, 11:48 am

Cardiff has a new pancake house and this has become my favourite, I've even made it at home and its absolutely delicious!

Chop avacado, deseeded tomato into chunky pieces, finely chop one or two clove of garlic.

Add enough sour cream to combine the mixture.

Put it into a pancake and roll up as usual.

Eat and enjoy

Easy peasy.

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Re: Pancake (crepe) with avacado stuffing

Postby cerina » 29 Aug 09, 12:16 pm

Mmm, that does sound rather delicious. :)
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Re: Pancake (crepe) with avacado stuffing

Postby mid_nite_poet » 29 Aug 09, 7:46 pm

That sounds very tasty...Yummy!! :)
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