Charity Shops.

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Charity Shops.

Postby fat_bastard » 10 Nov 08, 10:24 am

A month ago, my attitude to shopping in charity shops was rather snobbish. I thought it was a glorified jumble sale with nothing but broken, damp, smelly junk that nobody would want, but I have to say it's a bloody Alladin's cave in there. :dance: Admittedly it depends on where you live, but the quality of stock in my local charity shop is pretty darn good. In the last two weeks I've bought 20 great films for £10 on VHS, two PC games for £1 and a decent set of Phillips speakers for £1. Everything works perfectly, and apart from the odd scratch and scrape, they're far from dirty or broken. There's even a large colour TV in there for £50. :eek:
I'm still not too comfortable with wearing other peoples clothes, but for everything else you really can't go wrong. I think I could furnish the whole house with stuff from the charity shop and still get change from £100.

Next time you walk past a charity shop, just take a look around. You might just find something! :dance:
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Re: Charity Shops.

Postby mid_nite_poet » 10 Nov 08, 10:47 am

They always say..."One Man's Junk is Another Man's Treasure!" I have been in a a few of them looking round..It's amazing what a person can find :)
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